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This ends our Marseille tour of the history of Prolog.

Today Prolog I is a normalized language, still living.

International Organization for Standardization
ISO/IEC Standard 13211-1:1995 – Prolog – Part 1: General core

Other languages have imitated its successors and now offer constraints for programming.


If you want to pursue your journey, here are a few suggestions:

J.A. Robinson
J.A. Robinson, A Machine-Oriented Logic Based on the Resolution Principle , Journal of the ACM, vol. 12, 1965.
Formal description of the resolution procedure for first-order logic which uses the unification algorithm as a basic building block for making two terms identical. This publication is a great step forward in the domain of automated reasoning. Its author, John Alan Robinson (1930-2016), can be viewed as the 'grandfather' of logic programming. Unification is indeed going to become the atomic operation of the Prolog machinery.
A. Colmerauer
Alain Colmerauer's home page (1941-2017).
Bob Kowalski
Robert Kowalski's home page.
Computer History Museum
Prolog and Logic Programming Historical Sources Archive (Computer History Museum, Software Preservation Group).

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